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Tobias Preisig
Reto Suhner
Tobias Friedli
Herbie Kopf
alto- & sopranosax

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Close Contact

latest album "Honk!" available at LiVE LiFE Records

Four individuals are simultaneously balancing on a tightrope. But none of them is falling to the ground, due to their almost telepathic interplay and sensitive teamwork. They easily manage to communicate in their own language, free of stilistic boundaries, and still stay in close contact to their environment.
The dynamic foursome takes their listeners on an exotic journey to wide plain fields, with spherical sound layers. Suddenly interrupted by a thundering herd of heavyweight animals howling and growling. Shortly later, a merry melody is bouncing off a swinging groove, gradually getting lost in a threatening scenery of suburban dreariness. Undoubtedly, these musicians are telling fabulous stories.

The unusual instrumentation creates a warm and transparent sound which is one of the group's trademarks. The absence of a conventional harmony instrument, like a piano, is more than compensated by the clever changing of roles between the musicians. Not only each musician's flawless command of his instrument, but a common sense of high-level interplay paired with a constant stream of inspiration is fueling the bands creativity.

The quartet's usual but constantly changing repertoire includes original compositions, collective improvisations, as well as traditional songs of various parts of the world. They are easily capable of giving an odd song either a middle-of-the-road treat or to substantually transform it into a new piece of music by applying unconventional concepts and ideas. Either way, their versions are always full of surprises and often leave the audience breathless and in sheer excitement.