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Adrian Pflugshaupt
Hans Feigenwinter
Herbie Kopf
Pius Baschnagel
sopranosax, flute, bass-clarinet
electric bass, compositions

Herbie's EXPLO 3000

New CD in preparation. Release in early 2018!

Current live-album "Fairytale" (released 2014) at LiVE LiFE Records

Previous releases: Bliss and Time Zones

The band's previous album and live-programme «Fairytale» has showed impressively: this powerful quartet celebrates the joyful art of interplay in every song, every melodic phrase, even every moment of silence. That doesn't implicate an easy-going set of simple and lush tunes, nor an arrogant attitude of the executers at their instruments. Each one of the foursome has not only mastered his instrument technically to be ready for the challenges of contemporary music. But these four personalities have decided to share their individual experiences and energy to strive for an artistically rewarding and convincing formula of group-improvisation within groove-music of our times.
The unique chemistry of the band creates a playground-like ambience that provokes reckless acting and taking risks. But every statement or move they make just serves the common cause and is part of the democratic agreement in the group. Taking full responsability to enable a maximum of freedom, or translated into more musical terms: Each musician contributes to the dynamic band sound by equally keeping the balance between individual solo expression and compelling collective drive.

In spring 2007, after 6 years of successful collaboration in the same line-up, «Herbie's EXPLO 3000« proudly presented its new piano-player Hans Feigenwinter, undoubtedly one of the most individualistic voice of European jazz today. During the last 27 years, he has collaborated with Herbie Kopf in several groups (e.g. with «hip-noses» and their 4 CD-releases).
Subsequently, a brandnew programme was created that served as a kick-off into a new era, displaying the altered band-sound as well as each musician's personal expression...

"Constantly on the move, that could be the most appropriate way to describe the ambitious musical life of Zurich-born bassist Herbie Kopf. He's steadily experimenting in different settings, which allows him to form new bands engaging the most interesting musicians for the projects. Usually these personalities belong to the very best of Switzerland's jazz-scene, ranging from young rising star to elder statesman licensed to mingle with the top of the jazz olymp." writes Tom Gsteiger in 'Der Bund', continueing as follows: "The rhythm-section deserves to be praised as gorgeous and utterly unique. The tightness and intensity of the band in groovy parts was as convincing as their intriguing interplay and commitment to subtle and sensitive moods."

The quartet was founded in summer of 2000, with the most promising talents of the Swiss contemporary jazz-scene. When they got together to play for the first time, it felt like a tremenduous eruption of energy, emotions, colours and sounds that immediately inspired their next improvisations.
This group reflects best Herbie Kopf's vision to combine emotional power with harmonic and melodic finesse. He's happy to have found the present members of the group as long-time companions for challenging and adventurous journeys...