U.F.O. Photo

Dani Schenker
Bernhard Bamert
Daniel Pezzotti
Adi Pflugshaupt
Reto Suhner
Thomas Lüthi
Hans Feigenwinter
Pius Baschnagel
Herbie Kopf
trumpet, fluegelhorn
trombone, euphonium
sopranosax, flute, bass-clarinet
alto- & sopranosax, flute, alto-clarinet
tenor- & sopranosax, clarinet
piano, e-piano
drums, percussion
e-bass, compositions

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U.F.O. - Herbie Kopf Nonet

latest album "Flux" available at LiVE LiFE Records
previous release: "U.F.O. - Herbie Kopf Nonet"

Archaeopteryx, Icarus, Zeppelin and Swissair: none survived their final descent. But it's different with U.F.O. - Herbie Kopf Nonet! Conceived of as neither a mayfly nor a fixed star, the vehicle of terrestrial bassist, and heavenly composer, Herbie Kopf has taken off and landed repeatedly, always with a clear mission and refreshingly energetic message.

The U.F.O. and its illustrious crew of nine, hovers elegantly between the giddy heights and plunging depths of the universe. Or, to put it another way: breathtaking solo flights alternate with groovy group manoeuvres and occasional sorties into unheard dimensions of sound. This tight band knows how to bring earthy passion and celestial abstraction into harmony, and the net result is an individual and exciting sound.

It was 30 years ago when Herbie Kopf picked up the bass and immediately came up with original tunes. Besides quality, it might be for his stubbornness and passion that he gained the international reputation as first-class jazz musician and exponent of the fretless electric bass, as he enjoys nowadays. As composer and bandleader, he succesfully developed his own concept, constantly refining the dialect and respelling the lingo...

The nonet wasn't a product of sheer coincidence, since he had already worked on its layout for quite some time. The carefully hand-picked ninesome had to proof their potential to be a working unit creating magic results.... and it soon did! Very much to the surprise of its initiator, the sounds that emerged reflected many strong influences of his early musical childhood: from Johnny Cash to the Beatles, from Jimmy Hendrix to Weather Report and beyond! Not to mention other imprints of unique personalities like Hermeto Pascoal, Clare Fischer, Mingus or J.S.Bach.....
Finally, here it is all mixed together, presented by an ambitious group of nine great musicians who are presently carrying the still burning torch of the past to illuminate the future.

Wilfried Hahne